MacPhail vRecital 2

Welcome to the MacPhail vRecital!

Since entering the world of online lessons, we’ve been searching for a way to replicate the experience of a recital with our online students. The traditional recital is a way to showcase a student’s progress to family and friends while also being an important performance experience and milestone for the student. We have created a vRecital, short for “virtual recital”, where we hope to capture some of those elements in a fun and engaging way for our online students!

Below you will see a playlist of videos. Click play on the first one and then continue to watch the entire recital right from where you are!

Student performers are strongly encouraged to provide encouraging comments for each video performance. Please use the first name of the performer in giving feedback, and be specific. “Sarah, Great sense of rhythm!” or “Nathan, you made me imagine the dragon,” or “Erik, this sounded like an energetic march,” or “Anna, you play with a silky, legato touch,” etc.

To begin the recital, press play on the first performance below. All videos will play one after another.
To view the recital program, please click here.

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