All State Audition Video Tutorial!

Timothy Mahr, All State Band Etudes Set 2  –  Doug Rasmussen, All State Jazz Band Etudes Set 2

Suggestion for using these videos:

In addition to viewing the videos on your instrument, we encourage you to view segments from instruments not your own, you will notice common themes, such as phrasing and rhythm. It’s possible the way one teacher talks about phrasing will really hit home with you, even though it was not about your instrument. You will also notice that the etudes are quite similar to each other.

If you need the audition application form, the audition music, or have questions about other components of your audition (scales and sightreading), please go to for that information.

String Etudes

Jazz Etudes

Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Etudes

Vocal Etude

MacPhail Faculty included on this years tutorials:
Andrea French, Teresa Campbell, David Birrow, Paul Babcock, Zeb Cruikshank, Greg Keel, Nina Olsen, Ben Bussey, Carrie Vecchione, Eric Strom and Bob Adney


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