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Join an Ensemble or Performance Group at MacPhail

MacPhail is committed to offer opportunities to practice and perform in groups ranging from duos to orchestras for students of all levels and abilities. 

Music performance is inherently social and creative. Performers are called to interpret notated music, improvise, adapt to unexpected conditions, and accommodate the occasional error. MacPhail encourages students of all ages to take advantage of the fabulous opportunity to play together.  

Performance ensembles are either open or auditioned. Auditioned performance ensembles and the much-loved Dakota Combo provide outstanding performance opportunities for students and audiences alike. 

For questions about MacPhail ensembles and performance groups, contact the Director of Group Instruction, Jon Iverson or the Jazz Director, Christopher Rochester.


Xylophone closeup


Rimshots! strives to bring relevant and exciting compositions for percussion to MacPhail and community stages. The highly motivated percussion students play myriad instruments that range from triangle to timpani to table-tops. Rimshots! performs concerts in a variety of settings throughout the community.

Rimshots! students love percussion, music, playing, and discovering how to develop the most cohesive ensemble possible.

The goal is to take the music beyond the notes to create meaning and connect with the audience.
Rimshots! runs annually from September to June with exciting 2-hour weekly rehearsals.

Students wishing to audition should be proficient on mallets, snare drum, timpani, drum set, and accessories.

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