MacPhail music programs in partnership with hundreds of organizations.

MacPhail creates innovative, customized programs tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse partners.

MacPhail currently serves 9,700 students and clients through community partnerships in the following areas: Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®, schools and community organizations, Music Therapy, MacPhail Music for Life ™ and live online!

K-12 School Partnerships

MacPhail School Partnerships: providing customized, innovative, and relevant music education programs for K-12 schools.


Online School Partnerships (K-12)

Music resources beamed to your classroom! Enrich your established school music program with renowned MacPhail specialists supporting your classroom goals through simple, user-friendly technology!


Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® Partnerships

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® at your school, childcare center or community organization through one of our unique Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® partnerships!


Online Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® Partnerships

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® experiences beamed live into your classroom!  Partner with renowned MacPhail Sing Play Learn specialists and engage your students through musical play and discovery!


MacPhail Music Therapy Community Partnerships

Are you interested in exploring a music therapy program at your worksite? MacPhail Music Therapy will customize a music therapy program to uniquely meet the needs of those you serve. We provide individual and group music therapy services to people of all ages and abilities.


MacPhail Music for Life™ (Adults 55+) Community Programs

MacPhail Music for Life™ is a fun and engaging music education program for adults (55+)!


Online MacPhail Music for Life™ (Adults 55+) Community Programs

Professional Teaching Artists who are trained and passionate in sharing music with adults 55+, come to you live via online sessions – offering tailor-made interactive programming in the form of adult music lessons and classes!