MacPhail Center for Music is one of the nation’s oldest and largest community-based music education non-profits.

From our inception in 1907, we have grown to become a passionate organization at the forefront of music education and appreciation for the arts. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we pride ourselves on being a community resource for music learning, events and community partnerships.

Serving more than 16,000 students across the state with over 104 different community partnership programs, we have been an influential leader in music therapy, Suzuki Talent Education, Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® and community partnership programs.

Our flagship site is a state-of-the-art building in Minneapolis with access sites in Apple Valley, Austin, Chanhassen, White Bear Lake, and online at MacPhail Online.

MacPhail Mission: Transforming lives and strengthening communities through exceptional music learning experiences that inspire.

MacPhail Vision: To provide students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities access to inspiring and enduring music learning experiences through extraordinary faculty, relevant programs and integrated learning technology to create successful outcomes.

Facts and Statistics

Established: 1907
Status: 501(c)(3) non-profit
Locations: 5 (Minneapolis, White Bear Lake, Chanhassen, Apple Valley, Austin)
Online Offerings: Yes

Instruments: 35
All; 6 weeks to over 100 years old
Skill level: Any; Beginners with no experience to serious professional musicians.

Program Areas: 8 + MacPhail Online

Individual Instruction
Group Instruction

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®
Suzuki Talent Education

Music Therapy
MacPhail Music for Life™ (offerings for 55+)
Summer Camps
Community Partnerships

  • Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® Partnerships
  • Online Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® Partnerships
  • School Partnerships
  • Online School Partnerships (OSP)
  • Music Therapy Partnerships
  • MacPhail Music for Life™ Partnerships
  • Online MacPhail Music for Life™ Partnerships

 MacPhail Online

Total Students: 16,000
Total Community Partnerships: 
Number of students from partnerships: 9,700

Total events and workshops: 450
Number of attendees (annual): 68,000

Number of summer camps: 55
Number of Summer Camp students: 500


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