About MacPhail

Our mission is what drives us to push the boundaries of music education – from classical to jazz to electronica and beyond. We do that by caring about each student’s distinctly unique musical goals, by experimenting, testing, and trying new things, and by cultivating an inclusive community where all people and music styles are welcome.

Our Mission

The Mission of MacPhail Center for Music is to Transform lives and strengthen communities through inspirational music learning experiences.

Why MacPhail?

We’re committed to sharing our expertise in all we do — from our outstanding faculty and highly credible programs to our iconic building and performance halls, developing creative and inspired lifelong music learners is our passion. Implementing new ideas and technology in music learning, MacPhail Center for Music is home to world-class teaching artists who bring their rich professional backgrounds into the studio.

The Power of Music

Day in, and day out, students and MacPhail teaching artists join to create an innovative model of music instruction that combines the best of classical music tradition with evolving world music. MacPhail believes that when all students are included, performance quality transforms. Students of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to embrace lifelong learning.

Teaching Artists
Instruments & Voice
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Students Enrolled
of all students come from diverse backgrounds
Community Partners
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of students are under 8 years old
of students are 55+ years old

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Global Music Initiative

As the largest community music school in the nation, MacPhail is committed to playing a key role in rebuilding and contributing to real and substantive social change. MacPhail aims to address and correct the historic underrepresentation of students, musicians, music educators, and composers from diverse populations.

Meet Our Student Services Team

MacPhail promises distinctive individual and shared music learning experiences that unite us, inspire us, and lead us down new paths of self-discovery. Finding the right lesson, teacher, or the perfect class at MacPhail can be daunting. We understand. There’s a lot going on here. That’s why we have a team of student services experts waiting to assist you in finding the teacher or class—perfect for you.

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Jakkee Phillips
Student Services Assistant Manager
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Justin Hartke
Student Services Placement and Data Administrator
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Elysa Hays
Student Services Manager
Kallysta Morgan
Student Services Representative
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Rebekah Walker
Student Services Representative – Apple Valley
Person with long hair wearing glasses
Emily Komperud
Student Services Representative
Person with short hair wearing a hoodie
Casey Crowe
Student Services Receptionist
Merideth Jolstad
Student Services Representative
Morgan Glasheen
Student Services Representative
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