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Looking for high quality musicians to perform at your next special event? Browse the list below for solo artists and/or ensembles for hire.


Instrument(s): Guitar
Music Type: Jazz, Brazilian, South American, Classical
Preferred Events: Any
Description: Experienced solo acoustic or electric guitarist who plays a number of styles.
Fee: $125 per hour (negotiable)
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Trombone, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Sousaphone
Music Type: Pop, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Musical Theater, Contemporary Christian, British Brass Band, New Orleans Brass Band
Preferred Event: Pit Orchestras, Chamber Ensembles, Concert Series, Symphony Orchestras, Lecture Recitals/Educational Events, Church Services/Special Events, Weddings, Receptions/Cocktail Hours, Arts Festivals, Children’s EventsDescription: Ben is an active performer in a wide range of styles & genres. He regularly appears throughout Minnesota with bands like The New Standards, the Shabby Road Orchestra, the Encore Wind Ensemble, Brass & BodyWorks, the Paper Clips trombone quartet, and more.
Fee: Negotiable by event. Contact for details.
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Voice/Piano
Music Type: Musical Theater, Jazz, Swing, Standards, Early Rock ‘n Roll, Holiday
Preferred Event:  Anything from intimate parties (Cocktail, Holiday, Fundraiser, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Special Events) to Cabarets, Concerts, Conventions, and Theatrical Performances.
Description:  With a background in musical theater and cabaret performance, my forte is singing and accompanying myself at the keys while conversing and engaging with my audiences. Exploring themes, eras, and styles, I work to customize my performance to your specific needs and wishes.
Fee:  Varies, Contact for Pricing
Contact: [email protected], 917.583.8859

Instrument(s): Piano
Music Type: Classical, Pop, Musical Theater, Light Jazz
Preferred Event: Weddings, Birthday Parties, Special Events
Description: Over 20 years experience playing background and featured music for special events
$250 for the first hour, $75 for 2nd hour, additional hours negotiable
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Violin
Music Type: Classical
Preferred Events: Weddings, Funeral, Other
Description: String trio or string quartet
Fee: $150 each
Contact: 612.889.5459

Instrument(s): Piano
Music Type: Classical, Jazz, Holiday, Rock, Etc.
Preferred Events: Any
Description: I am available to provide a variety of music for your event, depending on your preferences. I gravitate toward the Great
American Songbook, but also play classic rock, etc.
Fee: Depends on event, to be negotiated
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Harp
Music Type: Classical, Various
Preferred Events: Weddings, Various
Description: Hire as a harp soloist or combined with other instruments for all event types.
Fee: Varies depending on time and location
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Guitar
Music Type: Classical
Preferred Events: Weddings, Special Events/Parties (background music)
Description: Elegant solo classical guitar music for a classy touch.
Fee: $125/hour
Contact: 952-546-1429

Instrument(s): Marimba, Drumset, Percussion
Music Type: Jazz, Rock, Classical, Musical Theater, Sacred Music, Children’s Music, World Music
Preferred Event: Pit Orchestras, Chamber Ensembles, Concert Series, Symphony Orchestras, Lecture Recitals/Educational Events, Church Services/Special Events, Weddings, Receptions/Cocktail Hours, Arts Festivals, Children’s Events
Description:  Solo marimbist/percussionist, section percussionist, drummer and guest lecturer in the Twin Cities area. Caitlin has a special interest in providing children’s programming focused on marimba and percussion.
Fee: Negotiable
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Clarinet
Music Type: Classical, World Folk
Preferred Events: Weddings, Special Events, Educational Workshops
Description: Katrina is an award-winning musician, and can provide classical music (chamber) or world folk music for any type of event.
Fee: Varies

Instrument(s): Piano, Harpsichord, Organ, Synthesizer
Music Type: Classical, Musical Theater, Some rock/jazz
Preferred Events: Weddings, Receptions, Special Events, Church Services, Concerts, Educational Presentations, Art Festivals
Description: Gail Olszewski has had a long and varied career playing many musical styles on keyboard instruments for many occasions and concerts.
Fee: $250 minimum
Contact: [email protected], 651-295-4549

Instrument(s):  Clarinet
Music Type: Classical
Preferred Events: Indoor Events
Description: Member of the Minnesota Opera Orchestra for over 20 years. Frequently accompanies choirs and performs special music for church services, often suggesting and providing the repertoire for the service.
Fee: Varies
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Bass, Electric Bass
Music Type: Jazz, Classical, Church
Preferred Events: Any
Description: Tom is available to play in or organize an ensemble for any of your musical needs. You can hear Tom’s compositions with the Illicit Sextet on CDBaby and Youtube. If you are looking for music for a worship service please check out Salem English Lutheran Church where Tom has been leading the Jazz service since 1997.
Fee: Negotiable
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Harp
Music Type: All
Preferred Events: Any
Description: Harp music adds elegance to all events. Versatile musician able to perform as soloist or as part of an ensemble.
Fee: Please contact for fee information
Contact: [email protected], 952.807.2175

Instrument(s): Piano
Music Type: Classical…or anything else you have musical notation for!
Preferred Events: Weddings, Funerals, Parties;  Recitals, Auditions, etc.
Description:  If you need background music, audition help, I’m your musician. I have a couple decades of collaborative piano (accompanying) experience with all ages, abilities and instrumentation.
Fee: $150/hour
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Cello
Music Type: Any
Preferred Events: Any
Description: Jacqueline’s unique versatility as a cellist, composer and collaborator is represented in her diverse musical groups. She is a 2015 McKnight Performing Artist Fellow.
Fee: Negotiable
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Guitar, Mandolin
Music Type: Classical, Rock, Folk
Preferred Event: Any
Description: Austin Wahl is a flexible, entertaining musician who can provide solo or ensemble music of just about any genre on guitar or mandolin. 
Fee: $100 per hour base; $25 each for custom repertoire requests; $25 for over 50 mile round trip 
Contact: [email protected]


Instrument(s): Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano
Music Type: Classical, Rock
Preferred Events: Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Parties
Description: We will work with you to provide music for your special event. We take into consideration the space, invitees, and purpose of the event to help you select music to highlight the occasion.
Fee: $100 per musician per hour
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Tuba/euphonium quartet
Music Type: Light classical and jazz, holiday, polka
Preferred Events: Parties, dances, outdoors, Oktoberfest
Description: Jolly, Happy tubas performing Jolly, Happy music for your event!
Fee: $500 minimum
Contact: Ben Bussey – [email protected]

Instrument(s): Trumpet, trombone, saxophone, sousaphone, rhythm section
Music Type: modern New Orleans – pop, funk, jazz
Preferred Events: parties, dances, parades, outdoors
Description: Brass and Bodyworks is a 10-piece brass band from Minneapolis, Minnesota with a whole lot of brass and a whole lot of sass. We take self-care seriously!
Fee: $500 minimum
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Taiko, Guitar, Voice
Music Type: Folk, Japanese-American
Preferred Events: Any
Description: Ensemble-MA uses traditional Japanese drums along with guitar and vocals to create contemporary Japanese American influenced music.
Fee: Negotiable
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Guitar, Voice
Music Type: Jazz, Latin
Preferred Events: Any
Description: Vocal and guitar duo performing jazz standards, contemporary, jazz, 60s rock/pop tunes
Fee: $150 per musician (negotiable)
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Violin-Viola-Cello in flexible combination
Music Type: Classical, Traditional, Pop Tunes
Preferred Events: Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events
Description: Traditional string duo, trio or quartet to fit needs of client.
Fee: 1) Wedding ceremony (15-20 minutes each, pre and post-service; processional/recessional and incidental ceremony music) OR cocktails/reception Total time up to 1.5 hours: $200 per player
2) Wedding (see above) OR cocktails/reception up to 2 hours: $230 per player
3) Wedding (30-45 minutes max) PLUS 30-60 minutes reception: $230 per player
4) Wedding PLUS up to 2 hours reception: $260 per player
Contact: [email protected], 612-581-8828

Instrument(s): Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Log, 5 Gallon Bucket, Drumset, Cowbells, Castanets, Woodblocks, Paper…
Music Type: Programs for All Ages
Preferred Events: Community Fine Arts, Libraries, School Concerts
Description: Family friendly repertoire that is exciting to listen and learn about.
Fee: $500-$750, depending on program selected
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Oboe, Double Bass
Music Type: Classical
Preferred Events: Recitals, Receptions, Educational Presentations
Description: OboeBass! is the only duo of its kind in the world! We perform recitals of original, engaging music and also present educational programs to elementary schools and senior residences.
Fee: Varies
Contact: Carrie Vecchione: (651) 319-1414 or [email protected]

Instrument(s): Clarinet, Accordion, Vocal, Bass, Guitar, Violin
Music Type: Balkan Folk/Romany
Preferred Events: Wedding Receptions, Parties, Dances
Description: Orkestar Bez Ime (OBI) is an award-winning Balkan folk band which provides lively music for dancing. OBI can provide a dance instructor/leader as well, for a complete evening of entertainment.
Fee: Varies
Contact: Katrina Mundinger: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Trombone quartet
Music Type: Motown favorites and more – jazz, soul, neo-soul, R&B
Preferred Events: Informances, parties, dances, outdoors
Description: The Paper Clips are a Twin Cities-based quartet combining the excitement of the Motown sound and beyond with the power of trombone ensemble. Founded in 2019, we bring enthusiastic and moving performances to audiences and educational settings with fresh arrangements of classic hits.
Fee: $500 minimum
Contact: Ben Bussey – [email protected]

Instrument(s): Vocalist and piano or guitar with the option of adding bass, drums and sax to make a trio, quartet, or quintet
Music Type: The Great American Songbook (1920’s-1950) Latin Jazz, Blues, 1970’s Singer/Songwriters (think Joni Mitchell, Carole King, James Taylor)
Preferred Events: House Concerts, Ballroom Dances, Special Events, Weddings, Fundraisers
Description: Paula Lammers and her group are sure to delight with Paula’s beautiful voice and spot-on intonation and with the band’s top-notch instrumentals.
Fee: $150 per musician

Instrument(s): Flute, Oboe, Clarinet
Music Type: Classical
Preferred Events: Any
Description: Members of the MN Opera Orchestra, we have performed together for over 10 years: in recital halls, schools, senior centers and the skyways. We are comfortable performing for audiences of all ages.
Fee: Varies
Contact: [email protected]

Instruments: Violin – Viola, Violin – Viola – Cello, and Standard String Quartet
Music Type: Classical, Pop, Rock, Frank Sinatra
Preferred Events: Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Funerals
Description: Duos, Trios, and Quartets with an extensive repertoire and experience playing for weddings and events.  Custom song arrangements available.  See website for more details:
Fee: 90-minute minimum, starting at $375 Duo, $550 Trio, and $700 Quartet
Contact: [email protected]

Instrument(s): Voice (with piano or guitar as a duo, adding bass, drums and saxophone as trio, quarter or quintet)
Music Type: Jazz, The Great American Songbook (Standards), Latin Jazz, Blues
Preferred Events: Special Events, Themed Parties, Weddings, Openings, House Concerts
Description: Vicky Mountain and her excellent players will add a definite spark to your event with their far ranging repertoire of background jazz, danceable standards and hip light rock and blues.
Fee: From $300 – $400 for a duo to $750 – $850 for a quintet. Cost may vary depending on length of engagement, travel time, etc.
Contact: [email protected], 612-875-0393

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