Planned Giving

Planned Giving at MacPhail

Your generosity and foresight can leave a legacy for decades to come, sharing music education opportunities and benefiting future students of MacPhail Center for Music. Donors who make a gift in their estate plans to benefit MacPhail are invited to join the William S. MacPhail Society.

Legacy Gifts

By remembering MacPhail Center for Music in your will or revocable trust, you create a legacy of transforming lives, expressing gratitude, and making a difference in the world through music education.

Whether you wish to provide general operating income for MacPhail to use wherever it is most needed (which provides the most flexibility) or to support a specific department or program, your bequest expresses your lasting commitment to MacPhail. A bequest to MacPhail also may help you meet your financial and estate-planning goals, because an estate-tax charitable deduction for the entire amount of the gift is allowed.

Make MacPhail a beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement account plan or life insurance policy.

To become a member of the William S. MacPhail Society, we invite you to complete and return our Statement of Intent.

About the William S. MacPhail Society

About the William S. MacPhail Society: The William S. MacPhail Society celebrates donors who have included MacPhail Center for Music in their estate plans. We are grateful for the thoughtful generosity of those donors.

“A city, state or nation cannot live by industry alone. There must be something for the heart and soul.” – William S. MacPhail (1881-1962)

In 1907, William Smith MacPhail, an original member of the Minneapolis Symphony (now the Minnesota Orchestra), established the MacPhail School of Violin in Minneapolis. His legacy of excellence, leadership and musicianship continues more than 100 years later at MacPhail Center for Music.

Benefits of the William S. MacPhail Society are:

Named Gift Opportunities

Creating and naming gift funds provides a meaningful way for donors to pay tribute to loved ones, friends and mentors, and is a source of vital support for MacPhail. MacPhail is grateful to donors for enabling scholarships and programming now and in the years ahead, and is honored to steward the individual stories associated with each of these named funds: MacPhail Center for Music Scholarships and Named Funds.

Beneficiary Designations

Donors can support MacPhail by naming MacPhail as a beneficiary to receive assets such as retirement plans and life insurance policies. This is an easy and flexible way to support MacPhail.  MacPhail’s Federal tax ID number is 41-1729340. Sample bequest language includes the following:

Unrestricted gift
I give ___ [the sum, percentage, or description of property] to MacPhail Center for Music, Minneapolis, Minnesota, to be used for its general tax-exempt purposes, but without other restriction as to use.

Restricted gift
I give ___ [the sum, percentage, or description of property] to MacPhail Center for Music, Minneapolis, Minnesota, to be [used to support___ ] [to be added to the___ endowment fund].

The foregoing language is provided solely for the purpose of identifying MacPhail Center for Music as a beneficiary of the estate. Additional language relating to the residuary or specific bequest may be necessary or advisable. Please consult with your tax and estate planning advisors.

We are happy to discuss giving opportunities with you. For more information, please contact Christine Vander Hook, Vice President of Development, 612-767-5309.

Other ways you can make a planned gift include:


We encourage you to seek professional legal and financial counsel, and are happy to discuss planned giving opportunities with you. Contact Christine Vander Hook at 612-767-5309.

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