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Unwrapping Music ONLINE: Americana Music

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Americana, or American Roots Music, is a melting pot of Folk, Bluegrass, Blues and Country Music — a rich history dating back to the post-Civil War era in Appalachia.
Join us to learn the unique way that these varies musical traditions came together to create Americana and how it continues to influence us today.

From July 10, 2024 to July 24, 2024
Each Wednesday from 10:30am to 11:30am

Wed, Jul 10, 202410:30 AM1 hour
Wed, Jul 17, 202410:30 AM1 hour
Wed, Jul 24, 202410:30 AM1 hour
Course Details
Semester: Summer 2024
Register by: 2024-07-10
Starts: 2024-07-10
Ends: 2024-07-24
Location: MacPhail Live Online
Age Range: 55+ years
Course Type: Classes
Department: Music for Life
Program Method: MacPhail Music For Life 55+
Categories: Classes, 55+ Music for Life Offerings
Program: MacPhail Music for Life
Topic: Music Appreciation
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