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Designed for a child’s specific stage of development, each class encourages children to explore musical concepts and experiment with new instruments. Your child will develop school-readiness skills in an active learning environment that feels like playtime!


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Early Childhood Music education - Sing Play Learn with MacPhail. Toddlers in classroom playing with instruments.
A Program of Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®

Learning with Music

Learning with Music is an innovative, evidence-based music integration program developed to promote school readiness and self-regulation skills for young children.

Beginning in 2004 and resulting in the recent publishing of a research study confirming its effectiveness, this unique program trains early childhood educators to integrate music throughout their classes daily activities. As children learn to use music to help regulate their behavior and emotions, music becomes a meaningful part of the classroom’s culture.

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Questions About Sing Play Learn?

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If you would like to ask a question or learn more about Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®, contact our program manager, Allison Akins using the form below and she will respond as soon as she can!

Age Groups

Teacher with toddler - Sing Play Learn with MacPhail
6 weeks – 3 years
Music activity for infants and toddlers engages the aural and physical being. At this level, musical play creates and reinforces the special bond between the adult and the infant, while also introducing music to the child. Engaging in musical play helps Toddlers begin to develop large motor and language skills. It is the perfect age to introduce rhythm and phrasing.
girl playing with egg rattlers - Sing Play Learn with MacPhail
4 – 5 years
Children in this age group are now capable of singing a wide range of songs and doing more complicated games and rhymes. Their listening skills are becoming sophisticated. They can understand basic vocabulary and building blocks of music. New concepts that we introduce are changing tempos, pitch, loud and soft dynamics, articulation, meter, and timbre.
child playing in music class - Sing Play Learn with MacPhail
6 – 8 years
Children this age learn best when they are actively involved in MAKING music. Developmentally, this age group likes to interact with their peers. Small group lessons are fun and rewarding. Groups that meet over time to learn together with guidance and collaboration can make the world of music a very inviting place.

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® Early Childhood Music Class Sequence* At- a-Glance

6 Weeks-3 Years

Music for Families
Music for Babies
Music for 1s and 2s
Music for 2s and 3s
Music for 3s and 4s
Suzuki Stars
Musical Story Times

4-5 Years

Music for Families
Music for 3s and 4s
Musical Trolley
Suzuki Stars
Musical Story Times
Musical World

6-8 Years

Musical Trolley
Musical World
Ukulele and More

*Class sequence builds skills but may be taken out of order. No pre-requisites.

Community Partnerships

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® partnerships provide young children with unique music learning opportunities by supporting your school, childcare center or community organization with our musical expertise, resources and/or instruction!

Our integrated-arts programming will help your students experience the world of music while developing executive function, social-emotional, cognitive, and creative skills. With over 60 locations, 50 years of experience, and an award-winning curriculum, MacPhail’s renowned faculty will work with you to create hands-on, engaging music experiences tailored to your classroom and student goals. Additionally, our partnerships can include unique parent education and teacher-training opportunities!

Meet Our Sing Play Learn Faculty

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