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Suzuki Talent Education

One of the largest and most established Suzuki programs in the country!

Suzuki lessons are offered on piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, and harp for students as young as age three or four through high school.

Project Amplify for K-12 Music Education

Project Amplify is a grant-funded, music education initiative offered to Minnesota K-12 music classrooms at no charge to the school. The program focuses on strengthening learning opportunities for K-12 Minnesota music students from historically marginalized backgrounds. This effort provides transformational programming that nurtures creativity, honors students’ backgrounds, and provides tools and resources to support K-12 educators.


At MacPhail, we care deeply about music. We believe that to live our fullest, richest lives, music is essential. As a nonprofit organization, your generosity helps us to continue reaching students of all ages and abilities; expand our programming to reflect current needs and diversifying musical interests; and invest in our faculty as leaders of music education.

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