55+ MacPhail Music for Life™

Music Education & Creative Arts for Adults 55+

MacPhail Music for Life™ is an interactive music education and creative arts program that brings the many benefits of music into the lives of more than 2,000 adults each year.

We welcome anyone ages 55 and older regardless of experience level, ability, and musical goals.

Available at select MacPhail locations and Live Online.

Offerings include opportunities for 1-on-1 lessons or classes in a group setting. Classes include a variety of musical activities: singing, playing instruments, movement, relaxation, music history, and much more.

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Individual Music Lessons

One-on-one musical instruction gives students the full attention of one our experienced teaching artists. These private music lessons are specially designed for your music level; beginners are welcomed. We will match you with a teacher based on your musical interests, schedule, learning style, and level of ability, allowing you to learn at your own pace to achieve your chosen goals. Our teaching artists are experienced in working with adults ages 55+.

A 30-minute lesson at MacPhail begins at $46.50. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher and location (Austin), you should expect to spend between $46.50 to $53.50 for a 30-minute lesson or $93 to $107 for a 60-minute lesson.

Music Classes & Ensembles

Enjoy learning and making music with others? MacPhail Music for Life™ classes bring like-minded adults ages 55+ together to create and learn about music in a fun and supportive setting. Classes are a great place to learn together and socialize with peers who share common musical interests.

What sets MacPhail Music for Life™ apart from other adult classes?

MacPhail Music for Life™ classes are specifically designed for adults 55+

  • MMFL™ teaching artists are specially trained, supportive, and passionate. They have extensive experience specifically working with adults 55+. 
  • Topics and Curriculum are based on research, student feedback, and the expressed interests of students. 
  • Class sizes are smaller. The safe and supportive environment encourages greater opportunities for personal expression, social engagement, and community building. 
  • Group MMFL™ classes are priced at $22/hour.
  • Classes are scheduled at convenient times to allow for avoiding rush hour traffic and nighttime driving.
  • Physical and Programmatic Accessibility is ensured:
    • Easy navigation of buildings, elevators, and restroom
    • Classrooms are spacious and well-lit
    • All reading materials, music and lyric sheets, are easy to read with enlarged text
    • Adaptive musical instruments are offered for those who need them

Why Choose MacPhail Music for Life™ ?

Let music play a part in your personal health and wellbeing

The experiential and sequential teaching of the MacPhail Music for Life™ program creates an environment that promotes wellness, artistic growth, engagement, community, and self-expression. Listening and creating music has been thoroughly shown to have many beneficial effects, especially for those over 55 years of age.

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Improved Health
Classical music is linked to a drop in heart rates, breathing rates, and the heart’s oxygen demands. Music and musical instruction can also reduce stress, which is linked to decreases in heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and other conditions. Singing and playing instruments gives you more energy, renewed purpose, and a stronger link to those around you.
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Stronger Brain Function
Known as “The Mozart Effect,” playing musical instruments and listening to classical music has been shown to increase mathematical ability, cognitive function, and spatial-temporal reasoning. Musical instruction has even been shown to help recover from a stroke and slow the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
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Better Movement
Studies have shown that those who are trained to walk and perform various movements in time to music experience 54% fewer falls. Similar programs have also been shown to improve the mobility of patients with Parkinson’s disease.
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Enhanced Mood & Well-being
Studies have shown that music can reduce chronic pain, depression, and the effects of disability. Music-assisted relaxation can also improve the quality of sleep in patients with sleep disorders. Music makes people feel more happy, energetic, and alert, and even plays a role in lifting the mood of people with depressive illnesses.
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Better Memory
Music engages areas of the brain that are involved with paying attention, making predictions, and updating events in our memory. Musicians are found to have a superior working memory when compared to non-musicians.

Questions About MacPhail Music for Life™?

For more information contact Kristyn Rupp at 612.767.5345 or via email.

MacPhail Music for Life™ (55+) Community Partnerships

MacPhail Music for Life™ is an interactive music education and creative arts program for adults 55+.  Through our community partnership program, our trained teaching artists come to your site delivering a program that is tailor-made for the older adults you work with.

Classes include a variety of musical activities and adult music lessons, such as: singing, playing instruments, movement, composition, learning music history, and much more.

Experiential and sequential teaching creates an environment that promotes wellness, artistic growth, engagement, community, and self-expression. MacPhail Music for Life™ classes are tailored to all Care Levels: Adult Day, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Intergenerational Programming, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing.

Classes include:

MUSIC FOR LIFE classes provide innovative, life-long learning music experiences. Structured around a musical concept and goal, activities include interactive singing, movement and music history activities.

SING FOR LIFE offers a choral format that focuses on the development of vocal technique, breathing, choral blend, and artistry with attention given to the aging voice. Singers contribute to the choice of repertoire and involvement in community presentations.

MACPHAIL HOUR: Led by MacPhail teaching artists, the hourlong concert/lecture series provides educational experiences celebrating music in its social, historic, and cultural contexts (classical, popular, jazz, and folk music) and teaching related to the composer, instrument or genre.

UPWRAPPING MUSIC: These music appreciation classes examine topics of music history. Teaching artists use lecture, video, audio, and live performance to teach about composers, performers, musical styles or genres and their significance and impact.

BODY, VOICE, SPIRIT integrates sound-making and gentle stretching to release tension and free the body and mind. Teaching artists combine techniques by theater artists and yoga practitioners in this joy-filled class.

MUSIC & MINDFULLNESS increases awareness of the present moment, while acknowledging one’s feelings, thoughts, and body through music. A board-certified music therapist leads self-care, meditation, relaxation, and deep breathing. Songwriting, music making, guided imagery, and music-based mindfulness help participants to forge a deeper connection with oneself while managing stress and anxiety.

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