Leadership & Staff

The MacPhail Leadership & Staff Team

MacPhail Center for Music is made up of artists, administrators, and trade professionals dedicated to our students, faculty and audiences and MacPhail’s mission, vision, and values.  


Kyle's headshot
Kyle Carpenter
Paul's headshot
Paul Babcock
President and COO
Kelsey's headshot
Kelsey Sieverding
Executive Assistant and Board Liaison


susan's headshot
Susan T. Chandler
Vice President of Development
Lisa's headshot
Lisa Salzl
Major Gifts Officer
Todd's headshot
Todd Kroviak
Grants Manager
Erika's headshot
Erika Malpass
Development Associate

Equity & Inclusion

Roque's headshot
Roque Diaz
Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Christopher's headshot
Christopher Rochester
Director of Global Music Initiative/Jazz Coordinator
Person playing an electric guitar
David Feily
Global Music Initiative Coordinator


Beth's headshot
Beth Nault-Warner
Director of Marketing
Garrett wearing a blue jacket with camera strap around his neck
Garrett Young
Person with pink, short hair smiling
Syne Barr
Social Media Specialist
Mikalia's headshot
Mikalia Bradberry
Marketing Coordinator


Brian's headshot
Brian Braden
Vice President and CFO
Ann's headshot
Ann Jordan
Accounting Clerk
Lulu's headshot
Lulu Mistry
Finance Manager

Human Resources

Kristen's headshot
Kristen Blue
Vice President of Human Resources
Sonja's headshot
Sonja Oelfke
Payroll and Benefits Administrator

Information Management

Chris's headshot
Chris Waterbury
IT Director
Phil's headshot
Phil Welch
IT Manager
Stu's headshot
Stu Mathews
IT Support Technician


Don with arms crossed standing in front of a brick wall
Don Barth
Facility Assistant
Nick's headshot
Nick Braden
Facilities Set-Up Assistant
Paul standing in front of a brick wall
Paul Dean
Shelly's headshot
Shelly Fehn
Set Up Specialist
Jackson standing in front of a brick building
Jackson House
Facilities Set-Up Assistant
Bret's headshot
Bret Johnson
Facilities Set-Up Assistant
Person wearing a blue work shirt and sitting on big stairs
Noah Kuklinski
Facilities Set-Up Assistant
Julian standing in front of a brick wall
Julian Malaby
Set-Up Specialist
Felix's headshot
Felix Wojcik
Facilities Set-Up Assistant
Photo of person with short blond hair with white background
Hans Christopherson
Facilities Set-Up Assistant
Person with shoulder length, brown hair with white background
Brody House
Facilities Set-Up Assistant

Program Administration

Student Services

Jakkee's headshot
Jakkee Phillips
Student Services Assistant Manager
Justin's headshot
Justin Hartke
Student Services Placement and Data Administrator
Minna wearing a yellow rain poncho
Minna Zhou
Individual Placement Coordinator
Elysa's headshot
Elysa Hays
Student Services Manager
Person standing under a dock with water behind them
Erik Aas
Student Services Representative
Amanda's headshot
Student Services Representative
Rubina's headshot
Rubina Regan
Lesson Placement Assistant
Kallysta's headshot
Kallysta Morgan
Student Services Representative
Rebekah's headshot
Rebekah Walker
Student Services Representative – Apple Valley
Person with long hair wearing glasses
Emily Komperud
Student Services Representative – White Bear Lake
Person with short hair wearing a hoodie
Casey Crowe
Student Services Receptionist
Person with long wavy blond hair, wearing glasses
Heather Nardi
Student Services Representative
Person wearing round glasses and smiling
Taariq Nazhim Hall
Student Services Representative

Program Services

Melissa's headshot. She is wearing a black shirt and sweater.
Melissa Falb
Director of Program Operations
Bjorn holding drum sticks
Bjorn Grina-Shay
Program Services Coordinator
Lindsay's headshot
Lindsay Lewis
McKnight Fellowship Administrator
Mischa's headshot
Mischa Santora
MacPhail Spotlight Artistic Dir & Conductor
Person playing a gayageum
SooJin Lee
Student Performance Coordinator

Individual Lessons

Timothy's headshot
Timothy De Prey
Director of Individual Instruction
Miryana with arm up on a piano
Miryana Moteva
Staff Accompanist

School Partnerships

Elizabeth's headshot
Elizabeth Winslow
School Partnership Director
Ben holding a tuba
Ben Bussey
Partnership Development Representative
Heather holding a violin
Heather Vanderley
School Partnerships Budget & Payroll Coordinator
Makayla holding a violin
Makayla Ferraro
Metro Partnerships Program Coordinator
Bob leaning on a drum
Bob Adney
Online School Partnerships Lead Teacher
Person standing outside
Rachel Hickman
Online School Partnerships Manager

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®

Dianna's headshot with purple background
Dianna Babcock
Director of SPL
Allison holding a horn
Allison Akins
SPL Department Manager
Jacob's headshot
Jake Hamilton
Teaching Assistant
Leo's headshot
Leo Goodwin
Teaching Assistant

Group Instruction

Jon's headshot
Jon Iverson
Director of Group Instruction
Craig holding a guitar
Craig Anderson
Coordinator of Ensembles and Certificate Program Coordinator
Christopher's headshot
Christopher Rochester
Director of Global Music Initiative/Jazz Coordinator
Person wearing a button up tshirt with a blue and pink pattern on it.
William Arnold
Program Assistant

Madeline Island Chamber Music, a Program of MacPhail

Jonathan leaning against a violin
Jonathan Swartz
Artistic Director
dale's headshot
Dale Deines
Director of Operations

MacPhail – Austin, MN

Cheryl Berglund
Austin Site Director
Person wearing a button up tshirt with a blue and pink pattern on it.
William Arnold
Program Assistant

MacPhail Music for Life™

Jeanie's headshot
Jeanie Brindley-Barnett
Co-Founder, Senior Teaching Artist MacPhail Music for Life™
Person with medium length brown hair wearing a striped shirt and cardigan
Kristyn Rupp
MacPhail Music for Life™ Manager
Quinn's headshot
Quinn Shadko
Giving Voice Chorus Partnership Coordinator

Music Therapy

Melissa's headshot
Melissa Wenszell
Co-Founder and Senior Music Therapist
Headshot of Jessica Nagel. She has long brown hair and is wearing a blue cardigan. She is smiling.
Jessica Nagel
Music Therapy Administrator
Alanna's headshot
Alanna Williamson
Music Therapy Mentor

Prelude: Singer Actor Performance Lab

Manon's headshot
Manon Gimlett
Prelude Director Emeritus and Advisor
A person with short dark hair wearing a green tank top
Anna Hashizume
Prelude Coordinator
black and white photo of a person wearing a white button up shirt
Bradley Greenwald
Prelude Coordinator

Suzuki Talent Education

Beth's headshot
Beth Turco
Director of Suzuki Talent Education
Heather holding a violin
Heather VanderLey
String Group and Department Coordinator
Annette leaning against a piano
Annette Lee
Suzuki Department Accompanist
Claire's headshot
Claire Miller
Suzuki Department Coordinator
Susan's headshot
Susan Sophocleus
Piano Group Coordinator
Jean's headshot
Jean Seils
Guitar Group Coordinator

Electronic Music Recording Arts (EMRA)

Michael's headshot
Michael Cain
EMRA Program Director
Krysta's headshot
Krysta “K.Raydio” Rayford
Teaching Artist
Isaac's headshot
Isaac Rohr
Studio Coordinator

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