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Unwrapping Music ONLINE: Music & Humanism

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The values of humanism, with its emphasis on finding and creating meaning to shape our own lives, have always supported the pursuit of musical self-expression. Music provides a connection between humans and their emotions, in an artistic expression that is both abstract and personal, all within a rational system.

Join us in this class as we tour the delightful application of humanism to music, from the Greeks to the Italian Renaissance and onward through the Romantic Era.

From April 3, 2024 to May 8, 2024
Each Wednesday from 10:30am to 11:30am

Wed, Apr 3, 202410:30 AM1 hour
Wed, Apr 10, 202410:30 AM1 hour
Wed, Apr 17, 202410:30 AM1 hour
Wed, Apr 24, 202410:30 AM1 hour
Wed, May 1, 202410:30 AM1 hour
Wed, May 8, 202410:30 AM1 hour
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Semester: Spring 2024
Register by: 2024-04-01
Starts: 2024-04-03
Ends: 2024-05-08
Location: MacPhail Live Online
Age Range: 55+ years
Course Type: Classes
Department: Music for Life
Program Method: MacPhail Music For Life 55+
Categories: Classes, 55+ Music for Life Offerings
Program: MacPhail Music for Life
Topic: Music Appreciation
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