View of the lights on the ceiling of Antonello hall
Student Performances

Composition Recital January 2022

Date: Sun Jan 23 2022

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Room: Zoom

Location: MacPhail Live Online

Theme and Variation by Arthur Scott2
Dance by Arthur Scott2
Arthur Scott, piano

Busy Before the Storms by Truman Trumble1

Hope in Despair: The Silver Linking in the Cloud by Emma Lu1

Peace on Earth by Elisa Fowler1

The Storm Approaches by Karl Lexvold1
Karl Lexvold, piano

Flying Squirrels by Hans Schmalstieg1

Mistletoe Tango by Joe Bigalke1
Sarah Miller, piano

Waltz of the Kings by William Feng1

Cascades by Jean Levandowski1
Jean Levandowski, piano

Avalon by Keven Chen1

Atonement by Sharon Kaplan1
Sharon Kaplan, piano

Big Scary Fight by Nora Farley1

The Sheriff’s Been Shot! by Stephen Elsinger1
Stephen Elsinger, piano

Butterfly Cycle Premiere by Brock Nofsinger1
Scarlett Isabella Caffe, violin
Erin Fuzer, percussion
Gabriel Gilvary, saxophone
James Crossman, piano
Adrian Velez Villanueva, conductor

1From the Studio of Sarah Miller
2From the Studio of Irina Elkina

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