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Amanda Breininger

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®, School Partnerships

Amanda Breininger has been teaching at MacPhail since 2008. Teaching students ages 0 to 8, she brings her expertise to the Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® and Online School Partnership programs. Amanda believes in teaching to all abilities, and that music involves the whole brain: each music class is also a math class, gymnastics class, public speech class, ethics class, social skills class, literacy class, visual art class and critical thinking class!

Amanda is immersed in community music making outside of MacPhail as well. Whether it’s performing at open mic nights and coffee shops, community theater, working as a musician in her church community, or impromptu jam sessions with friends, music is a part of her daily life.

She holds a Bachelors of Music from Augsburg College.

Favorite non-musical hobby: Playing outside: Walking, hiking, and exploring nature

“Amanda is great at capturing attention and making the kids laugh and experiment with new movements and sounds!” 

“Engages the students at their level. She makes music and learning fun! She also was willing to work with parents on how to make the lesson better for their child.”

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