Bearmon, Diana


Diana Bearmonpiano instructor at MacPhail, strives to make her lessons student-centered because she believes that their learning experience should be about them and not the instructor.  With 30 plus years of teaching experience, she guides her students through their repertoire, incorporating styles that her students are interested in such as jazz, pop, and rock into her favorite genre, classical.

Diana has been a part of MacPhail’s Community Partnership program since 1995, working with programs at Whittier Community School for the Arts and Blake School.  She brings extensive teaching experience in group piano pedagogy from the University of Colorado Children’s Piano Laboratory and at the University of Minnesota.

Diana attended the National Conference on Piano Pedagogy, served on a national committee from 1986 through 1992, and has participated in many professional development sessions at MacPhail, including Brain Gym and Teaching Teenagers.  She has performed in solo and chamber recitals at venue and participated in the world premiere of a piece by Hiram Titus.

Diana has a Bachelor of Music in music education from Ohio University, a Master of Music in performance, literature, and pedagogy from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

“Tailors her program to meet the needs of my son. She’s amazing.” –MacPhail Parent