Iris with a drum behind her

Iris Shiraishi


Iris Shiraishi is a performer, composer, teacher and music therapist who has been living and working in the Twin Cities since 1981. She holds degrees in music composition (BMus/University of Hawaii; MA/University of Iowa), arts administration (MFA/University of Iowa) and in music therapy/education (PhD/University of Minnesota). A MacPhail Music for Life™ faculty member since 2012, she is also the catalyst for TaikoArts Midwest’s ensemble-MA and Edo Bayashi Ensemble. Her TaikoAlive! program reaches out to communities through performances and workshops, and is geared towards older adults and others without ready access to taiko. Iris is an activator of the TaikoPeace movement, an Advisory Council member of the North American Taiko Community Alliance and a Board Member of Kodo Arts Sphere America.

Favorite non-musical hobby: Swimming, walking, reading, gardening

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