Shiraishi, Iris

MacPhail Music For Life™, Percussion, Drum Set

Iris Shiraishi has taught Percussion/Drum Set in MacPhail’s Music for Life Program since 2012. A music therapist since 1994. she also teaches the Japanese art of taiko drumming. She believes all students can enjoy and find success in music! It is especially gratifying when she sees any student not only develop or maintain music skills but grow in confidence as well.

She is founder of the music therapy program at Reuben Lindh Family Services, a founding member and artistic director of Mu Daiko, participant in over 500 local, regional, and national performances, and teacher of taiko in private lessons, small groups, large classrooms, residencies to more than 1000 students.

Iris holds a Bachelor’s in Composition from the University of Hawaii, an MFA in Composition and Master’s in Arts Administration from the University of Iowa, and a PhD in Music Therapy and Education from the University of Minnesota.