Headshot of Maria Jones. She has short brown hair and is smiling. She wears a blue shirt and is standing in front of a brick wall.

Maria Jones

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®

Maria McKay Jones has been teaching in Rochester, Minnesota for Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® since 2014 and has loved every minute of it! She appreciates the quality of musicians and faculty at MacPhail as well as their care and concern for the communities they serve.

Maria has a passion for teaching music to young children. She loves to see her students connect music to the world around them and then share what they have learned.

In addition to her work with MacPhail, Maria teaches group piano and music theory classes for young children out of her home in Rochester. She utilizes the teaching methods of great music theorists and educators such as Kodály, Orff and Dalcroze. Maria has previously taught general music, ukulele, keyboard, and choir classes to elementary school students in Utah. She has also been the music director and choreographer for Friedell Middle School musicals as well as their after-school Show Choir. She established her own Children’s Show Choir, Young American Voices, in 2009 (currently on hiatus). Maria holds a bachelor’s degree in Music from Brigham Young University with a dual emphasis in piano and voice. She is currently working towards an Equivalency +Master of Music Therapy from Augsburg University. Maria also enjoys hiking, reading, home cookin’ and spending time with her husband and 10 children when they come home for a visit.

Favorite non-musical hobby: Hiking

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