Headshot of Nikki Lemire. She is standing next to a harp.

Nikki Lemire

Nikki Lemire started learning to play the harp at a very young age. She was her mother, Janell Lemire’s, first child and she was in the process of getting her Suzuki Teaching Training, and  accompanied her to some of the first trainings as they developed the method we use today. This desire to teach must have been instilled in Nikki from the very beginning—she loves to teach and also loves to learn.

Her mother also taught in their home in the afternoons, both children and adults, and she would bring me along to her rehearsals and performances. It wasn’t long before Nikki began playing with her in the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra and the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra. She moved to Minneapolis to study harp performance at Augsburg University with Kathy Kienzle, and it was then that she began pursuing her  own teacher training, following in the same footsteps her mother had while she was a student of Kienzle. When she finished my undergraduate degree she went on to study harp performance at Northwestern University in Chicago with Elizabeth Cifani of the Lyric Opera. When she graduated and returned to Minneapolis, Nikki soon began her teaching at MacPhail and continued performing professionally with ensembles in and around the region including the Minnesota Opera, National Lutheran Choir, and the Guthrie Theater. I have also served as acting principal with the Fargo Moorhead Symphony, the Bemidji Symphony and as associate principal of the Duluth Superior Symphony for over 15 years. With both a professional background, and a strong teaching history Nikki has the ability to meet students where they are in their goals and in their individual interests—to provide mentorship in their learning and unending discovery of this beautiful, unique instrument. Whether you choose lever or pedal harp, you are just starting or coming back to the harp after a hiatus, together we can create a language of learning that will inspire you and bring joy to your practice of the harp.

Favorite non-musical hobby: Baking with my daughters and hiking in the woods.

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