Four Songs for Relaxation

composed by music therapist, Mark Burnett

Music therapy… listen, relax, breathe, and connect to the art of calm

Written and composed by MacPhail music therapist, Mark Burnett for transitions, stressful events, or simply peace and relaxation.

Head of the Meadows Water
Head of the Meadows Cathedral Dunes
Head of the Meadows Dream
Mark looking to the side

Mark Burnett joined MacPhail’s Music Therapy faculty in 2019. His practice and approach to music and music therapy is centered around the individual experience with a focus on happiness.  This requires a large toolkit of skills and methods to achieve goals, objectives, and outcomes.  His experience from 30 years of practice informs humble work toward the opportunity for growth, and a compassionate focus toward others.

Foundations of practice come from receiving a degree in music and music therapy from Radford University with board certification / concurrent from 1992. His experience is reinforced through specialized training in sensory, neurologic, developmental, educational, behavioral health, physical medicine, and rehabilitation. Mark’s skills are recognized through national and international presentations in music therapy and performances in various genres of music and theater on bass, euphonium, guitar, piano, trombone, and voice. He has composed music for various artists, theater, film, and special education instruction.


Published on Date: Mar 9, 2023
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