Pride Playlist by Rainbow Space

What is Rainbow Space?

Led and founded by Kallysta Morgan, MacPhail Student Services Representative, Rainbow Space embodies MacPhail Center for Music’s mission by offering the surrounding LGBTQIA+ community and allies a space for year-round artistic and musical expression. The goal is to engage MacPhail employees through music and outreach. With a focus on inclusivity, Rainbow Space will educate its members and audiences on Queer musicology and will feature pieces chosen by members of the LGBTQIA+ community from a variety of eras. Rainbow Space supports MacPhail’s mission to cultivate a safe space for musical and artistic expression specific to LGBTQIA+ community members and its allies.”

Rainbow Space Members:

o Kallysta Morgan – Saxophone
o Emily Komperud – Trumpet
o Elysa Hays – Percussion
o Merideth Jolstad – Voice
o Julian Malaby – Bass
o Stacy Canino – Guitar

For Pride Month, Kallysta Morgan has curated a playlist of LGBTQIA+ Artists available to listeners on Spotify.

Check out the playlist here…

Published on Date: Jun 13, 2024
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