Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Learning about contrasts helps prepare children to think about details, sort and classify objects, and promotes organizational skills! Can you find these musical contrasts on a fall walk?

a pumpkin next to an apple

Can you find a big pumpkin and a little apple?            

Can you find a smooth acorn and a bumpy pinecone?


squirrel on a log

Do squirrels move fast or slow?                    


Can you find a long twig and a short one?                    


Do winged seeds on maple trees fly up or down?



Are the crunchy leaves loud or quiet?



Why are identifying contrasts important?

Learning and understanding contrasts help prepare children to think about and focus on important details, sort, and classify objects and promote organizational skills!

Here are some musical terms you can add to learning:

Legato is smooth.

Staccato is bumpy.

Allegro is Fast.

Adagio is slow.

Forte is loud.

Piano is quiet.

Sing a Song!

And while you’re walking, you can sing this tune called Pretty Leaves are Falling Down to the same melody of London Bridge.

Pretty leaves are falling down

Falling down

Falling down

Pretty leaves are falling down

It is autumn!

Published on Date: Oct 16, 2023
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