Board of Directors: Becoming a Board Member

MacPhail Center for Music seeks candidates for its Board of Directors who are passionate about music, music education, and support MacPhail’s mission of Transforming lives and strengthening communities through exceptional music learning experiences that inspire.

The following qualifications and skills are of particular interest in our current recruitment process. We would not expect any candidate to possess all of these, but strong candidates will reflect some of the following:

  • Time and commitment to contribute meaningfully to the MacPhail Board.
  • Racial/ethnic background, community affiliation, and other factors reflective of MacPhail’s diverse stakeholders.
  • Experience/commitment to broadening access – across age, geography, or background – to educational or musical opportunities.
  • Leadership experience in Minnesota corporations, foundations, or communities. 
  • A passion for fundraising and a capacity to support MacPhail through charitable giving.
  • Experience in education, music education, and the arts, and/or as a musician and performer.
  • A strong connection with key MacPhail community and stakeholder groups.
  • “Rising stars” interested in philanthropy and community service.

Members of the MacPhail Board of Directors provide leadership, insight, and support to MacPhail, and exercise fiduciary responsibility for the conduct of MacPhail’s affairs. Board members are involved in discussing, advising, and setting direction for major strategies, long-range plans, and policies of MacPhail, and are responsible for hiring and evaluating MacPhail’s Chief Executive Officer.

In general, board members are expected to:

  1. Be informed about and understand MacPhail’s
    • mission, history, goals, and strategies;
    • programs;
    • finances; and
    • board policies (e.g. Operating Principles and Practices, Conflict of Interest Policy, Donor Privacy Policy, and any policies applicable to board members contained in the Employee Handbook).
  2. Attend all board meetings in person (or remotely if attendance in person is not possible). The full Board meets five to six times per year.
  3. Serve on at least one standing board committee, mutually agreed upon by individual members and board leadership; participate and contribute as a committee member and attend scheduled committee meetings. Note: At-large executive committee members must also serve on a board committee or task force.
  4. Serve as an ambassador for MacPhail, promoting its interests, goals, and mission; tell a personal “MacPhail story.”
  5. Assist MacPhail staff and board leadership in fundraising efforts by:
    • staying alert to funding opportunities;
    • opening doors to new funders, including individuals, corporations, and foundations;
    • following up on leads in cooperation with staff; and
    • hosting or co-hosting a table at MacPhail’s annual fundraising event, the Music Matters Luncheon.
  6. Provide feedback to board leadership as requested (e.g. CEO evaluation, self-assessment and board effectiveness surveys, periodic surveys on other issues).
  7. Attend at least three MacPhail events each year and, where appropriate, use these events to introduce potential contributors and/or board members to MacPhail.
  8. Contribute to MacPhail’s Annual Fund at a level consistent with personal means so that MacPhail will be one of the top three recipients of the board member’s annual giving to nonprofit organizations.

No, there is no deadline to join the MacPhail Board of Directors. Our membership is rolling, new members can join at any time.

If you are interested in being considered for the MacPhail Board of Directors, or if you have more questions and would like to be contacted, please complete the Interest Form (below) and someone will follow up with you.

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