Board communications may be sent to Ellen L. Breyer, Board Secretary, via email, in care of Anne Polta, or by USPS in writing c/o MacPhail Center for Music, 501 South Second Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401

MacPhail Center for Music 2017-18 Board of Directors

Rahoul Ghose, MacPhail Board Chair


Rahoul Ghose, Board Chair
Thomas J. Abood, Vice Chair
Kyle Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer
Warren P. Kelly, Treasurer
Ellen L. Breyer, Secretary


Barry Berg
Margee Bracken*
Hudie Broughton
Roma Calatayud-Stocks
Michael Casey
Kate Cimino
Joaquin Delgado
Andrew Eklund
Julia Halberg, MD
Joseph Hinderer
Karen Kelley-Ariwoola
Robert P. Lawson
Diana Lewis
Patricia H. Murphy
David E. Myers, Ph.D.
Connie Remele
John Righini
Lica Tomizuka Sanborn
Jill E. Schurtz
Christopher (Chris) Simpson
Hilary Smedsrud
Peter R. Spokes*
Jevetta Steele
Kiran Stordalen
Mandy K. Tuong
Marshall Tokheim
Reverend Carl Walker
Steven J. Wells
Kate Whittington


* Life Director


Updated: 7.26.18


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