Supplemental Music Programming for Minnesota Schools:
In Person or Live Online

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MacPhail Partnerships provide customized, innovative, and relevant music education programs for K-12 schools.

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MacPhail School Partnerships enrich the lives of young people and their families in Minnesota by providing unrivaled in person or live online instruction in tandem with a Minnesota school. Our staff works with a school’s music teaching artist and/or administrators to develop customized programs that provide relevant and compelling music education to strengthen student learning. Programs are individually designed for each school to create custom supports that enable children and youth to succeed.

Our MacPhail partnership has been invaluable for three decades. The program provides access and exposure for our scholars to have opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. As one parent told me, their family can do what is necessary to provide resources to assist their child with additional academic support, but music lessons from MacPhail through our school was something they could not replace.
–Benito Matias, Principal, Ascension Catholic School

If your school’s music program faces barriers such as funding, location, transportation, scheduling, music teaching artist shortage, and/or limited resources for program or staff development, then a school partnership may be beneficial.

The MacPhail School Partnership Advantage

Why MacPhail Center for Music?

MacPhail Center for Music is the largest community-based music school in the nation. Founded in 1907 as a school to teach violin, MacPhail has evolved and grown to become a comprehensive community music center working with over 16,000 student musicians of all ages throughout the state of Minnesota annually.

The award-winning School Partnership program began in 1989 and provides over 5,475 hours of instruction per year.

Diversity is inherent in music and essential to its future

School Partnerships Infographic

Benefits of a School Partnership.

Navigating the complexities of providing music education within the confines of budget cuts, limited staff or lack of time can be overwhelming.

MacPhail School Partnerships provide customized programs and experienced administrative staff & teaching artists. We will work with you to create a successful partnership.

• High-Quality instruction from experts to drive student success

• Students participating in program show improvement with rhythm, articulation, music reading skills, intonation, and musical expression in post assessments. Online School Partnerships Evaluation Logic Model

• Exciting and culturally relevant curriculum that attracts a diverse modern student audience for an engaged classroom

• Program and potential funding support for schools that have experienced cuts

• Specialized resources to enhance your existing program

MacPhail School Partnerships: How it Works

30 Years’ Experience Creating Award-Winning School Partnerships

Step One: Planning Process

MacPhail School Partnership staff will work closely with you to learn about your needs and discuss your school’s wishes, budget, scheduling, curriculum, etc.

Rates range from $125-160/session. Live online sessions may be reduced as low as $15/session through grant subsidy, pending qualification. We will help you determine eligibility.

Step Two: Scope of Work, Cost and Timeline Proposal

You will receive a detailed proposal.

Step Three: Letter of Agreement

After agreeing to the program proposal, your school will receive a Letter of Agreement (LOA). This document outlines the schedule, school provisions, and what MacPhail provides.

Step Four: Partnership Programming Begins
After your administration reviews, signs and returns the LOA, programming will begin.

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