Course - Apple Valley - Summer 2023

Music for Families (6 wk-5 yr) Apple Valley – Summer

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Ages 6 weeks-5 years with Parent/Caregiver
New Summer Fun! Our Music for Families class features activities for adults and children from babies up through age five. Children of various ages gain exposure to melody, rhythm, and a wide variety of musical instruments such as triangles, maracas, and bass drum. Every class includes plenty of singing, movement, instrument exploration, children’s literature, and hands-on creative play. Experience the joy of creating a musical community this summer!

From June 15, 2023 to July 27, 2023
Each Thursday from 10:30am to 11:30am
Except the following dates:
Thursday,July 6, 2023

Thu, Jun 15, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Thu, Jun 22, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Thu, Jun 29, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Thu, Jul 13, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Thu, Jul 20, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Thu, Jul 27, 202310:30 AM1 hour
Course Details
Semester: Summer 2023
Register by: 2023-06-12
Starts: 2023-06-12
Ends: 2023-07-31
Location: Apple Valley
Age Range: 6 weeks - 5 years
Course Type: Classes
Department: Sing Play Learn
Program Method: Sing Play Learn
Categories: Classes, Ages 8 and under - with parent
Program: Sing Play Learn
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