Course - Apple Valley - Spring 2024

Spring Music Therapy Individual – Apple Valley

Per 30 minute session
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About MacPhail Music Therapy:

Our team of Board-Certified Music Therapists are here to provide you with an individualized music therapy experience. Each of our music therapists have experience providing music therapy services to individuals of all ages with goals ranging from developmental skills and rehabilitative needs to mental health support.
The therapeutic process is personalized to each client’s specific needs. Your music therapist will work with you to develop goals and keep you informed on client progress and will update goals as needed. Depending on each individual’s specific needs, music therapy sessions may include playing instruments, moving to music, songwriting, lyrical analysis or singing.
Many MacPhail music therapy clients participate in adapted lessons. During an adapted lesson, a client may be working towards building musical skills on an instrument, while the structure, content and pacing of the lesson is individualized to the client’s specific learning style.
How to Get Started:
Call Jessica Nagel, Music Therapy Manager at 612.767.5509 to schedule a 20–30-minute intake interview or fill out our online Intake Form.
The purpose of the placement interview is to learn more about the client to ensure the best possible fit with one of our qualified music therapists and to answer any questions that you may have.

From January 30, 2024 to June 22, 2024

Course Details
Semester: Spring 2024
Starts: 2024-01-30
Ends: 2024-06-22
Location: Apple Valley
Age Range: 3 years - 55+ years
Course Type: Private Instruction
Department: Music Therapy
Program Method: Music Therapy
Categories: Music Therapy - Individual, Music Therapy
Program: Music Therapy

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