Suzuki Talent Education

The MacPhail Suzuki Program

One of the largest and most established Suzuki programs in the country and one of the only places to offer comprehensive Suzuki lessons in Minnesota! 

MacPhail Suzuki Music Education offers lessons on piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, and harp for students as young as age 3 or 4 through high school.

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The Suzuki Approach

The Suzuki approach to music education is based on the belief that young children can learn to play a musical instrument the same way they learn to speak their native language – through listening, repetition, encouragement, and parental involvement!  Parent, child, and teacher form the “Suzuki Triangle” to create a long-term, collaborative learning experience.

Weekly individual lessons are the core of the instruction. Suzuki students also participate in:

  • Group lessons – weekly or monthly
  • Studio recitals
  • Department recitals
  • Workshops
  • Orchestras
  • Reading classes
  • Advanced ensembles
  • International Tours

Videos About Suzuki

How To Get Started

Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Suzuki Early Childhood Education Classes are a weekly interactive experience for babies and toddlers from birth through age 3 with a parent. Songs, rhymes, stories, and instruments are used to teach musical concepts, language and pre-reading skills, numbers, physical coordination, social and emotional skills, and much more! Parents learn to be active observers of their child’s learning process, and build a repertoire of lullabies, action songs, and rhymes, with techniques for using them at home.

The Suzuki approach emphasizes encouragement and repetition, within a calm, nurturing environment. Classes are team-taught by trained and experienced instructors. Teachers have undertaken long-term Suzuki teacher training and apply their knowledge of early childhood development and understanding of the Suzuki philosophy to their approach in the classroom.

Every child is born with outstanding potential. In the Suzuki Early Childhood Education Class, parents are encouraged to observe and delight in very small developmental steps. With long-term, consistent participation, children grow their abilities and realize their amazing potential for learning.

In addition to the semester tuition, there is a one-time $25 materials fee for a CD/Booklet to listen to the songs at home and a journal to write in during the class time.

During Spring 2023 class will meet on Saturdays from 10-10:50 am.

This class is ongoing for current students ages 0-3 years old.

Contact Ruth Bergman, Suzuki Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator.

Developing the Whole Child Through Music

In the Suzuki Method, children thrive in an environment of total support. Suzuki students develop confidence and self-esteem, determination to try difficult things, self-discipline, and concentration. As well, they acquire a lasting enjoyment of music, and the sensitivity and skills necessary for making music.

Suzuki Group Classes

Suzuki Class Offerings 28courses shown

Summer Suzuki Cello Rock and Vivace Violin Camp

This performance was recorded in August 2021 for the final day of the Suzuki Cello Rock and Vivace Violin Summer Camps.

Current Student Resources

Registered students, look here for department news, group class schedules, program events, the latest issue of the Gavotte, and the Suzuki Parent Handbook

Meet Our Suzuki Faculty

Suzuki Talent Education

Suzuki Piano Teacher Training Fellowship Program

The Suzuki Talent Education Fellowship Training Program for piano teachers, is taught byAnnette Lee, MacPhail Suzuki piano faculty member and SAA teacher trainer. This year-long internship covers Suzuki Piano Teacher Training Units one and two and Piano Teaching Strategies.

MacPhail Suzuki Booster Club

(formerly the MSA)

The Suzuki Booster Club is a parent volunteer organization that supports Suzuki program members and related activities. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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