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MacPhail provides numerous opportunities for students to perform. More than 400 recitals are scheduled each year, ranging from informal recitals to auditioned honors recitals and Concerto & Aria.

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MacPhail 2021 Spring Term Online Performance Opportunities

MacPhail will be providing several online performance opportunities for registered students during the Spring term of 2021. Participation in these events is at no additional charge. Additionally, MacPhail staff accompanists can make pre-recorded piano accompaniments for performers if requested.

Information regarding the recitals:

  1. Performers can sign-up for the events listed below using this sign up form
  2. All instrumental, voice and Site Recitals will be consolidated into general “All-School Recitals”
  3. Events will be scheduled for approx. 45 minutes of music in length
  4. If there is demand, concurrent recitals/events will be scheduled
  5. Recitals will be held on Zoom, with the event host e-mailing information to students in the days leading up to the event
  6. Students needing a pre-recorded backing track should e-mail Jon Iverson, Student Performance Coordinator to request a recording. Students should send along a PDF of the piano accompaniment, with tempo marking indicated in the score.

Intended for students of all ages, instruments, and abilities, All-School Recitals typically feature a nice mix of performers, composers, and genre.

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Platform: Zoom (live performance)

The Adult Student Soirees performance opportunities for adult students (18 years and older) and meant for those who want to share their music in a low-pressure performance situation.

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Platform: Zoom (live performance)

A Performance Class is an opportunity for students to get performance experience in a non-formal setting. It is learning opportunity to interact with other students and hold a discussion on techniques, repertoire, practice strategies, etc. Performance classes are hosted by a MacPhail faculty member and open to students of all ages and abilities.

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Platform: Zoom (live performance)

Performers selected for the Concerto & Aria Concert will have the option of performing with double string quartet (if repertoire instrumentation permits) or perform with piano accompaniment. Performances will be video recorded and featured as a streamed internet broadcast.

MacPhail Concerto & Aria Concert is the premiere student performance event at MacPhail. Performers undergo two rounds of competitive auditions in order to be selected for the final concert. This year, instead of chamber orchestra, a double string quartet will perform for select repertoire. Other performances will feature soloist with piano accompaniment, or a pre-recorded performance for the singers, who were not able to audition in-person. This year, the concert will be broadcast online in mid-May. Watch this space for more information regarding the broadcast.

Please congratulate the following performers and their teachers for having been selected to perform in the 2021 MacPhail Concerto & Aria Concert broadcast:

Shannon Braun, voice student of Mikyoung Park
“Dove sono i bei momenti” from Le nozze di Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [performance via video]

Christian Garner, piano student of Suzanne Greer
Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. 466, Mvt. I: Allegro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Autumn Langdon, voice student of Manon Gimlett
“Hello! Oh, Margaret, It’s You” from The Telephone by Gian Carlo Menotti [performance via video]

Eira Lindberg, violin student of Mark Bjork
Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041 [complete] by Johann Sebastian Bach

Allie McIntosh, violin student of Tamara Gonzalez
Le Quattro Stagioni (“The Four Seasons”): Concerto No. 4 in F minor, L’inverno (“Winter”) [complete] by Antonio Vivaldi

Mae Monette, piano student of Reiko Imrie
Piano Concerto in G major, Mvt. I: Allegramente by Maurice Ravel

Jessica Shao, piano student of Jose Uriarte
Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor, Op. 11, Mvt. I: Allegro maestoso by Frederic Chopin

Jackson Trom, piano student of Suzanne Greer
Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37, Mvt. I: Allegro con brio by Ludwig van Beethoven

The panel of judges included:

Charles Gray (violin/viola), St. Olaf College
Melissa Holm-Johansen (voice), freelance
Herbert Johnson (piano), Bethel University
Merilee Klemp (oboe), Augsburg College

The Honors Recitals are distinguished student recitals at MacPhail. Students will prepare a pre-recorded video performance, which will be evaluated by a panel of faculty judges. Finalists’ videos will be featured on MacPhail On Demand. The judges’ decisions will be based on the demonstrated musical and artistic merits of the performance for the age, ability level and genre the student is performing.

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Platform: YouTube (pre-recorded video performance).

Students who participate in Achievement Day will receive written feedback from faculty judges as a part of their “Achievement Review.” This mid-year opportunity is a great motivator and goal towards which students can work. Achievement Day open to students of all instruments and abilities who are 18 years and younger.

Platform: YouTube (pre-recorded video performance).

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The Performance Festival is an opportunity for students to share their music with family, friends and adoring fans. Student performers will be grouped together in cohorts of eight to 10 to perform live for one another. The Performance Festival is open to all registered MacPhail students who are 18 years and under; all ages, instruments, ability levels and genre are welcome!

Platform: Zoom (live performance)

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The Composition Recital is open to composers in the MacPhail community. Please contact Dr. Sarah Miller directly about participating in this event.

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Platform: YouTube (pre-recorded video performance)
Sign-up: Contact Sarah Miller

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