Dianna's headshot with purple background

Dianna Babcock

Director of Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®

Dianna Babcock, Director of Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® and instructor, has worked in the Sing Play Learn with MacPhail® department since 1990. For 35-plus years, she has been an early childhood educator and teacher in the Twin Cities area in various settings, including preschools, daycare centers, and MacPhail.

Dianna has a Bachelor of Arts in music and psychology from Monmouth College and the University of Minnesota, with an emphasis in child psychology, and a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education with a Pre-K licensure from the University of Minnesota.  She frequently conducts early childhood music workshops at conferences and early learning programs throughout the Midwest.

As a teacher, Dianna’s goal is to ensure each child is engaged and learning. Dianna says that learning through music enhances brain development, promoting social, emotional, cognitive, language, creative, and physical development.

“MacPhail’s high quality curriculum and experienced faculty provide the best learning opportunities for your child. Through our integrated arts approach, each child is able to be successful.”

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