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Katrina Mundinger

Clarinet, Saxophone

Katrina Mundinger is a multi-instrumentalist whose focus is the clarinet. Trained classically, she earned Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in Clarinet Performance from Oberlin Conservatory and Northwestern University, respectively. Katrina’s mission is to connect with others through music.

In 1994, Katrina began learning and performing music from the Balkan Peninsula, which has led to many rewarding performance opportunities. She joined the Ethnic Dance Theatre Folk Orchestra (EDTFO) in 1999, where she also served as orchestra director.

Katrina is a current and founding member of the Balkan folk ensemble Orkestar Bez Ime (OBI). Launched in 2002, OBI is the Upper Midwest’s primary proponent of music from this once war-torn region and its inhabitants, including the Romany people (Gypsies). OBI has won accolades including the McKnight Fellowship for Performing Musicians (2011) and the Minnesota Emerging Composers Award (from the American Composers Forum—2012). Katrina’s study and performance of folk music inspired her to learn the tárogató/taragot, a wooden folk saxophone from Hungary and Romania. In 2015 the Minnesota State Arts Board awarded Katrina an Artist’s Initiative Grant to support this endeavor. Since then, she has performed on taragot with the ad hoc ensemble Sâmbra Oilor, OBI, EDTFO, and as a soloist.

A selection of Katrina’s other performance credits includes a solo appearance with the Jewish Community Center Orchestra, ensemble support for the indie rock act DeVotchKa at the legendary First Ave, several solo and chamber recitals, and participation in MacPhail faculty recitals, MacPhail’s Music for Life™ “MacPhail Hour” concert/lecture series and MacPhail’s Free Family Music series.

As an instructor, Katrina passionately believes that each student can succeed at music making given the opportunity. She meets each student on their level and offers personalized instruction on the clarinet for musicians who want to build a base with solid technique. Although Katrina primarily uses classical music to teach these skills, she acknowledges that many other styles of music can be performed with them. She believes that honing the fine details of classical clarinet tone, articulation, and finger movements can improve awareness of how to consciously choose one’s musical expression. Additionally, Katrina has successfully taught many students some of the Balkan tunes she has learned over the past 25+ years and has taught beginning saxophone for MacPhail at Apple Valley since 2017. She currently teaches at MacPhail, her own private studio, and is an Adjunct Faculty member at St. Paul Academy & Summit School.

Fun Fact: In March 2016, Katrina appeared on the syndicated game show Jeopardy! where she won 2 games.

Favorite non-musical hobby: I spin yarn using a drop spindle. I’m also a crazy cat lady.

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