Melody Mendis

Melody Mendis is an inspired and versatile vocalist, tribute artist and voice instructor. She performs a tremendous range of music including, jazz, R&B, Pop, Blues, International Songs and belts with extreme athleticism.

As an instructor, she enjoys sharing a connection with her students to challenge, build courage and celebrate their brilliance! Her incredible experience as a performer and years of teaching has helped to develop some of today’s touring artists! She allows her students to deeply explore their instrument in a very positive and nurturing environment, she is highly adaptable in helping them to realize musical goals and their authentic voice! Melody values the whole person, understands vocal production is mental, imaginative and physical and will adapt to the students learning style.

As a performer, exciting vocals and iconic looks are two tools that Melody Mendis uses in her tribute to Barbra Streisand and Lady Gaga. Using her classical training and background in performing in various venues, Melody performs as Barbra and Gaga, sounding so like her that some may think she is lip-syncing. Melody uses her passion for lyrics to create and build an honest and real connection with her audience. While her shows are original, the writing style is such that they feel like a true Streisand or Gaga concert. Add amazing costumes (in the style of Streisand and Gaga) to her incredible vocals, her hair, her nails and you have a tribute worthy of the artistry and passion of Streisand and Gaga. Melody is an extremely giving performer and anyone who experiences her shows will leaving feeling more filled than when they arrived. She has also performed with Mid-Michigan and Detroit Opera Companies.

Melody has two solo albums and the first is, “Love and Madness,” it features creative covers of New Wave, Dark Wave and Pop. The second is titled, “Wanderlust” which has a smoother jazzy vibe including French and Portuguese hits! Some notable past performances include touring England and competing at the Eisteffodd Music Festival in

Wales, and a tour throughout North America. Melody was honored with an Irene Ryan nomination to attend the prestigious Yale Cabaret conference where she worked with Cabaret legend Julie Wilson and Manhattan Transfer vocal ensemble founder Laurel Masse.

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