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Rebecca Jacobson


Rebecca Jacobson is on the violin faculty and is the coordinator for the Crescendo for Strings program. An encouraging and positive teacher, Rebecca tailors her lessons and materials to meet each student’s unique learning style and goals.

With the overarching goal of lifetime enjoyment in mind for every student, she challenges all of her students to surpass their own expectations, become proficient self-coaches, and work toward progressive technical and artistic goals.

Ms. Jacobson has been teaching for 27 years and enjoys working with students of all ages and levels, from beginners to music majors. Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in violin and vocal performance from Luther College. Ms. Jacobson is co-founder and performer with the Twin Cities-based string ensemble Sonori Colori.

Favorite non-musical hobby: Keeping up with news; politics and social justice; listening to jazz; composing music for piano and violin students; being a mom to two wonderful daughters.

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