Person playing a gayageum

Soojin Lee

Student Performance Coordinator, Gayageum, Piano, Korean Drums, Jang-gu

Dr. Soojin Lee is a professional performer on the gayageum (a traditional Korean string instrument) and teaches gayageum, Korean drumming, piano, and general music. She began teaching at MacPhail in 2017 and MacPhail Austin in 2020, and holds over 20 years of teaching experience from individual instruction to large groups. Her wide variety of experience includes teaching as a high school general music teacher in Korea, a private instructor of gayageum and piano, and a school residency of Korean music and drumming in U.S. schools.

SooJin has been working with students of all ages from diverse backgrounds. She likes to help and watch her students enjoy and appreciate music. As an educator, Soojin enjoys discovering new ways to teach while respecting each individual student’s uniqueness.

Before coming to the United States, she worked for the National Korean traditional music high school as a gayageum and general music teacher. SooJin has her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Korean music (specialized in gayageum performance) from Seoul National University, South Korea and a Masters degree in Social Sciences (specialized in Ethnomusicology) from the University of California, Irvine. She received her PhD in music education (research interests are multicultural music education and pedagogy for teaching indigenous music in formal education system) at the University of Minnesota.

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