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Steve Roehm

Percussion/Drum Set, Jazz, Rock

Steve Roehm has been teaching music in the Twin Cities since 1995. In January 2004, he joined the MacPhail faculty, where he teaches percussion, Cargill Scholars and the youth and adult rock ensembles.

Steve’s 10 plus years of professional performance experience includes touring the country with hard rock, funk, pop, and swing groups. Locally, you may have heard him perform with Matt Wilson, Vic Volare and Volare Lounge Orchestra, The Flops, Dan Schwartz, Clay Moore.  As a studio musician, he has recorded for Dan Wilson, Chan Poling, Ashe & Spencer, and many others.

He has six years of formal jazz education at the University of North Texas included music theory, arranging, and performance on drum set, vibraphone, marimba, piano and percussion.

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