Headshot of Tom Pieper

Tom Pieper

Bass (Double Bass/String Bass), Bass Guitar

Tom Pieper joined the MacPhail faculty in 2001, teaching Bass (Electric) and Bass (Double Bass/String Bass).  He believes that in order to play music on the bass, you must be able to understand all the components of the ensemble. Bass players need to know the melody, harmony, and the bass line so they can improvise and contribute to the group. Being able to hear, write, and read music is essential for music literacy.

Tom has been teaching bass privately since 1983, and has taught music in the public schools since 2001. Many of his students at MacPhail have gone on to become active professional musicians. He has been a Bassist for SpiritJazz since 2000, a Bassist for Illicit Sextet since 1990, and a Bassist and leader of Salem’s Discovery band since 1997.

Tom has a Bachelor’s of Music in Jazz Bass Performance from the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and received his instrumental music teaching licensure from the University of Minnesota.

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