Garrett McQueen

Bassoonist | Composer | Radio Host | Producer


Garrett McQueen is an active advocate for diversity in classical music. A proud native of Memphis, TN, Garrett McQueen has performed in venues across the country. In 2016, Garrett began transitioning into the field of public media and content creation, where he does most of his work today. As a strong advocate for the diversification of classical music and the advancement of Black musicians in the field, Garrett has used his platforms on local, national, and international airwaves to promote Black artistry in classical music. He is in demand as a speaker on diversity and equity presenting keynotes and participating on panels across the country. In an article produced by Current, McQueen was hailed as “a black talent in public media that you may not know but should”.

We invite you to watch/listen to Garrett McQueen’s James E. Ericksen Keynote Address delivered at MacPhail’s annual all-staff Anacrusis this September.

Learn More About Garrett McQueen’s Podcast: TRILLOQUY 

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Published on Date: Oct 29, 2021
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