The Joys of Being a Lifelong Learner

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MacPhail’s Andrea Leap spoke with MPR host Chris Farrell, U of M psychologist /MN state president of AARP, Dr. Kate Schaefers, about trying new things in the second half of life and the importance of being a lifelong learner.

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MPR News host Chris Farrell (left) talks with Kate Schaefers and Andrea Leap in the Kling Public Media Center in St. Paul on Thursday.

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Andrea Leap

Andrea Leap has taught voice at MacPhail since 2005. She trains musically advanced high school students and adults and brings 20 years of experience to Group, Individual Instruction, and MacPhail Music for Life™. Tailoring instruction to meet the individual’s goals, Andrea teaches an anatomically based, sustainable vocal technique that works in any repertoire.

She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Indiana University (Voice), a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University (French), a Masters of Music from the University of Michigan (Voice), and matriculated post-graduate studies in France and Austria.

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Kate Schaefers

Kate Schaefers, Ph.D., LP, is a psychologist, coach, and educator. She coaches professionals transitioning into new roles, jobs, careers, and organizations exploring ways to tap the talent of a multigenerational workplace.

Dr. Schaefers is volunteer state president for AARP-MN and a founding board member of SHIFT, a Twin Cities nonprofit facilitating career change in the second half of life.

She has taught graduate-level classes at the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas. She is a past president of the Minnesota Career Development Association and received the Jules Kerlan Outstanding Achievement Award in 2012 for contributions to the career development field.

Dr. Schaefers has a PhD in counseling psychology from Iowa State University and a master’s degree from the University of Minnesota.

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Twitter  @KateSchaefers

Published on Date: Sep 22, 2023
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