MacPhail Story: Brian and David Muhs

Heidi and Merrill Muhs knew they wanted their sons to get into band in high school. Thinking ahead, they brought their son Brian to MacPhail when he was in 5th grade to begin percussion lessons with Paul Babcock. 30 years later, both Brian and his brother David, are still taking lessons with Paul.

“We were seeking something NOT separate, NOT special…There was a music therapy program, but we could do drum lessons with Paul…The fact that we can just be part of the MacPhail community, that’s really special to me.” –Heidi Muhs

“Brian and David are two remarkable individuals. For 30 years they have enriched my life and the MacPhail community with their undeniable love for music and their uplifting personalities. They bring an amazing sense of joy to every lesson and every performance and draw everyone into a community of camaraderie and music making.” –Paul Babcock

During the pandemic, the Muhs brothers set up a TikTok so that they could still perform and stay busy. They now have over 28K followers. They would be thrilled if you checked out their performances, @muhsbro

Published on Date: Oct 15, 2021
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