MacPhail Memories: Sharing Musical Moments

Welcome to the MacPhail Student Photo Gallery Program!

At MacPhail, we believe in celebrating our students’ remarkable journeys through their musical and artistic achievements and capturing the moments that define their experiences.

As a token of our appreciation for choosing MacPhail as your artistic home and as a thank you for allowing us access to beautiful photographs for our marketing and promotion, we are thrilled to introduce a unique program exclusively for our students and families.

Jen Bischoff, our photographer, is offering students the opportunity to download one photo from the gallery – free – as MacPhail’s thank you. You can view all the images from the event and choose your favorite as our gift.

If you would like additional images or professionally printed photographs, we are excited that Jen has offered exclusive photo packages at a substantial discount. This ensures you can treasure every moment without breaking the bank.

There is no obligation to purchase anything; this is our gift to you as valued members of the MacPhail community. We aim to share the joy of your achievements and provide photographs of performances you may use in your musical journey.

PLEASE NOTE: This program offers a unique opportunity to share our event photos with the people in them. It’s important to understand that there are no guarantees that everyone will like or receive a photo. Unlike school portraits or dance recital photos, where everyone gets a picture, this program shares what’s been captured during MacPhail events. While our photographers work diligently to capture as much as possible, various factors influence which photos are taken and included in the gallery. If you have any questions, please direct them to [email protected].

Welcome to the MacPhail Student Photo Gallery Program!

Discounted Photo Pricing

Photography Packages

Package 1Package 2Package 3
5 high-resolution downloads5 high resolution downloads3 high-resolution downloads
(2) 4×6 prints(4) 4×6 prints(6) 4×6 prints
(1) 5×7 print(2) 5×7 print(4) 5×7 print

Individual Products

(1) download – $104×6 – $54×6 (24) print pack – $48
(5) downloads – $455×7 – $105×7 (24) print pack – $72
(10) downloads – $758×10 – $15Ornament – $30
(20+) downloads – $1008 wallets – $10

Jen Bischoff

Meet Jen Bischoff, a seasoned photographer with over 14 years of experience who has transformed her lifelong passion into a thriving business. Specializing in natural light photography, Jen has mastered capturing authentic moments that reflect her clients’ true essence. Her relaxed and collaborative approach fosters laughter and connection, setting the tone for memorable shoots.

When not behind the lens, Jen cherishes moments with her family – husband Joe, daughter Evie, son Riley, and beloved Frenchie, Cincy. With both kids immersed in music, MacPhail is a family affair. Outside work and family, Jen enjoys leisurely walks, coffee with friends, reading, and daydreaming about her next adventure. Photography isn’t just a profession for Jen; it’s a passion that colors every aspect of her life.

Photo credit: audreynicolephotography

Follow Jen on Instagram: @jenwithalensmn

Visit her website

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