MacPhail offers scholarships for instrumental and voice study. Awards are given to students of all ages and varying amounts.

2018-19 MacPhail Scholarships Application

2018-19 MacPhail Scholarships Brochure

Scholarships and Named Funds

Performance Scholarships
A number of performance scholarships are awarded to current and potential students based on performance excellence. These scholarships are supported by funds donated to MacPhail specifically for this purpose. Awards range from $300-$1,200 and must be used for study at MacPhail on the designated instrument (or voice) during the following semester.

Composition Scholarship
For composers of all ages this scholarship is for composition study based on the quality of original music submitted, potential as a composer, recommendation and personal interest in music.

Need-Based Scholarships

Awarded to students with financial need, as demonstrated by review of the student or parent’s most recent Federal Income Tax forms. Awards are granted to students who demonstrate a commitment to their music studies and financial need. No audition is required. Awards vary in amount and all are applied to one full academic year (fall and spring) for individual instruction. Some scholarships specify an age range and are awarded to individual instruments.

Scholarship Application and Deadlines

Sunday, May 20, 2018 before 5:00 p.m.

(PLEASE NOTE: late or incomplete applications will be not considered.)

Scholarship Auditions

Vocal scholarship auditions: Sunday, June 10, 2018 starting at 12:30 p.m.
Instrumental scholarship auditions: Saturday, June 16, 2018 starting at 9:30 a.m.


Click on the link below to view a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Performance Scholarship auditions.
Performance Scholarship FAQ download (pdf)

Here are the 2018—2019 MacPhail Performance Scholarship Recipients!

  • Ethan Asis, voice student of Victoria Vargas, Mary Ann Kimball Voice Scholarship
  • Calonna Carlisle, voice student of Mikyoung Park, Edith B. Norberg Religious Studies Scholarship
  • Joelle Chen, violin student of Lucinda Marvin, The Minneapolis Club Scholarship
  • Ian Crawshaw, piano student of Ora Itkin, Peter Jackson Keyboard Scholarship
  • Dominic Cudd, voice student of Thaxter Cunio, Mary Ann Kimball Voice Scholarship
  • Eric Dagoberg, voice student of David Kozisek, Jessica Schwartzbauer McDonald Memorial Fund
  • Sara De For, piano student of Beth Turco, Edith B. Norberg Religious Studies Scholarship
  • Dennis Eum, cello student of Hanno Strydom, Jerome Carlson Scholarship
  • Mark Evenson, piano student of Susan Sophocleus, Bjork-Pederson Suzuki Scholarship
  • Atira Grose, piano student of Nancy Daley, Edith B. Norberg Religious Studies Scholarship
  • Kali Grose, piano student of Nancy Daley, Edith B. Norberg Religious Studies Scholarship
  • Sam Hanson, composition student of Sarah Miller, Joan Miller Composition Scholarship
  • Anders Holst, voice student of Thaxter CunioPatricia E. Maher Scholarship
  • Jeremy Johnson, voice student of Thaxter Cunio, Mary Ann Kimball Voice Scholarship
  • Eliot Kim, piano student of Reiko Imrie, Theone Walker Brown Scholarship
  • Maria Kim, piano student of Julia Elkina, The Gary Sipes Piano Scholarship
  • Steven Kim, voice student of Dennis Petersen, Mary Ann Kimball Scholarship
  • Katie Knight, voice student of Dennis Petersen, Edith B. Norberg Scholarship
  • Gabriella Leovan, voice student of Manon Gimlett, Elizabeth Drueding Voice Scholarship
  • Maureen Long, voice student of Victoria Vargas, Patricia E. Maher Scholarship
  • Misha Ortega May, piano student of Jeremy Hanson, Roy and Virginia Genaw Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Alexis McIntosh, piano student of Richard Tostenson, The Agnes Barnwell Sanders Kemp Piano Scholarship
  • Noelle McVey, voice student of Mikyoung Park, Mary Ann Kimball Voice Scholarship
  • Lukas Murdych, guitar student of Brent Weaver, Peter Jackson Guitar Scholarship
  • Zara Napp Anderson, piano student of Julia Clearman, Shin Tanaka Memorial Scholarship
  • Max Okagaki, clarinet student of Nina Olsen, Ruben Haugen Woodwind Scholarship
  • Erica Perl, voice student of Manon Gimlett, Edith B. Norberg Religious Studies Scholarship
  • Julija Pone, piano student of Guna Skujina, Shin Tanaka Memorial Scholarship
  • Matthew Qu, piano student of Irina Elkina, Theone Walker Brown Scholarship
  • Jaime “Vincent” Rosa-Chavez, voice student of Thaxter Cunio, Mary Ann Kimball Voice Scholarship
  • Jessica Shao, piano student of Jose Uriarte, The Elise Midelfort Piano Scholarship
  • Amanda Verstegen, voice student of Manon Gimlett, Patricia E. Maher Scholarship
  • Isadora White, composition student of Sarah Miller, Joan Miller Composition Scholarship
  • Marietta Wilcox, voice student of Manon Gimlett, Oksana Bryn Vocal Scholarship
  • Ash Wood, violin student of Jeremy Swider, Mary West Violin Scholarship

Congratulations to all students who participated in the 2018-2019 Performance Scholarship auditions!