Suzuki Parent Booster Club

The Suzuki Booster Club is a parent volunteer organization that supports Suzuki program members and related activities. Here are ways you can become involved:

Join the Board! The Suzuki Booster Club Board meets once per month, September – May for one hour on Saturday morning to organize activities and volunteers. Consider attending meetings or serve as one of the board positions. The current Suzuki Booster Club Board roster is:

Tricia Rubenstein, president
Grace Li, treasurer
Laura Smith, secretary
Rebecca Weber, lead volunteer
Beth Turco, Suzuki program director

Indicate your interests on our form below.


The Suzuki Booster Club coordinates the following activities:

  • Receptions for recitals
  • Gifts for Suzuki Seniors
  • Fall Holiday Plant Sale
  • Spring Holiday Plant Sale
  • Apparel sales
  • Parent and practice partner talks
  • Teacher recognition gifts
  • Community Outreach events

Fill out the form below to volunteer an hour of your time or commit to coordinate one of the above activities. We welcome grandparents, guardians, alumni, older siblings, and special friends to volunteer.

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