The Wonder of Stevie

by Mikalia Bradberry

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.”

Stevie Wonder

One of the most prolific and widely known musicians in the world, Stevie Wonder’s influence not only uplifted the black community and our culture but influenced the musical landscape of the world as we know it today. With a musical breadth spanning over 61 years, 25 Grammy Award wins, and hundreds of collaborations with leading artists from multiple genres, Stevie truly lives up to the Wonder of his name. – Mikalia Bradberry

Enjoy my full playlist of Stevie Wonder’s Hits Here!

Here are some highlights from the full playlist with a little insight from yours truly

On The Sunny Side Of The Street – This famous jazz ballad of the more traditional standard style shows just a touch of the range and beginnings of Little Stevie Wonder.

For Once in My life – The single also entitled of Wonder’s 1968 album, is one of his earliest hit singles. Growing from Little Stevie to Stevie Wonder, this is the voice that is loved and known today.

Higher Ground – All instruments on this track and including drums and percussion were played by Stevie himself.

All In Love Is Fair – One of Mr. Wonder’s most famous and heartfelt ballads, a true favorite of mine. * Look for Jennifer Hudson’s beautiful rendition of this song in the bonus section below!

Sir Duke – What you may not have known is that this famous tune is a tribute to the one and only Duke Ellington.

All I do – The 70’s flare of this classic features background vocals by Michael Jackson.

Master Blaster “Jammin” – The powerful Reggae influence of this tune was a global phenomenon hitting top five on the billboard charts in the UK, New Zealand, and number one for 7 weeks on Billboard R&B singles chart.

” As around the sun the earth knows she’s revolving, and the rosebuds know to bloom in early May, Just as hate knows love’s the cure, You can rest your mind assure, That I’ll be loving you always…”

As By Stevie Wonder

Happy Birthday – Home movies of my birthdays, even to this year, include this version of Happy Birthday thanks to my mom. A birthday in my family is not complete without this version. Stevie’s version of this song specifically commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and helped to coin his birthday as a federal holiday in the United States.

Do I Do – Speaking of collaborations, this is one of the many songs that includes legends that paved the way for black musicians like Stevie. The great Dizzy Gillespie lends his horn to this pick me up tune.

Oh so long for this night I prayed

That a special star would guide you my way

To share with me this special day

Where a ribbon’s in the sky for our love….

Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder

Bonus Favorites!

A tribute to Stevie Wonder by Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran and Gary Clark Jr. This tribute to Stevie Wonder is masterful and you can certainly tell that Stevie is enjoying himself! If you honor Stevie Wonder you must do it well and this trio including Queen Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran and the soulful Gary Clark Jr. does just that.

Jennifer Hudson All Is Fair In Love Stevie Wonder Tribute 2016 Jennifer Hudson’s powerful voice honors Stevie’s legacy and the words of this touching song.

Jamie Foxx, Stevie Wonder sing “Isn’t She Lovely” to Oprah Winfrey This video shows not just how loved Stevie’s music is but how revered he is. It’s clear by the audience’s reaction how wonderful it is to see him live!

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Published on Date: Feb 16, 2022
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