MacPhail Student Story: From Piano Lessons to Orchestral Composition Ingenuity- Blake Zimmerli’s Inspirational Journey Through Music

Meet Blake Zimmerli, a senior at Austin High School, is brimming with extraordinary music talent. Since childhood, Blake’s love for music ignited his exploration of various instruments, culminating in composing symphonies. Amidst COVID-19 hurdles, Blake’s dedication persisted. From piano lessons as a young boy to symphony crafting in high school, delve into Blake’s journey. Witness his masterpiece “Brouhaha” performed by The Austin Symphony Orchestra of Minnesota. Experience Blake’s unwavering devotion through interviews and backstage scenes, culminating in a triumphant performance.

Awards and Performances

We are thrilled to announce that Blake Zimmerli wins the inaugural Polaris Composition Prize with his piece, “Alpenglow.”

Blake’s composition talent is recognized before, winning the 2023 Minnesota Music Teachers Association composition competition and securing second place in the 2023 West Central Region of the Music Teachers National Association composition competition.

Save the date! Catch the SEMYO Concert Orchestra performing “Alpenglow” at their spring concert on May 19th. More info…

Learn more about MacPhail Center for Music’s Austin location, watch the documentary (scroll down mid-page for video)

Published on Date: Feb 28, 2024
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