A Message for the MacPhail Community

George Floyd should be alive today… the elementary school students and teachers in Texas should be alive today… the innocent lives in Buffalo should still be alive today… so many lives continue to be taken from their family and friends in senseless acts of hate and violence…

We send our deepest condolences and sorrow to the families impacted by these atrocities, as well as to all our student families, faculty, and staff who are reeling after another day of traumatic news headlines. And today we mourn… today we grieve… today we remember that we all have an obligation to right these wrongs. Our thoughts and prayers are no longer enough to support our communities and the families of these countless tragedies. We need to give new and continuous energy to creating long-lasting change that will shape the world for the future. 

Coming out of the George Floyd tragedy two years ago today, and so many other recent horrific events, the paradigm of how to talk about race and society has shifted. Dialogues have begun, placing more emphasis on rooting out racism and building more inclusive and equitable communities and organizations. MacPhail is responsible for playing a key role in growing substantive change, using music as a vehicle to heal, to connect, and to inspire. We believe it is our duty to intentionally include, honor, and celebrate students, teachers, performers, and music from all backgrounds.

Below are some resources you may find valuable. Be gracious with yourself; take breaks and seek support as you need.


Kyle Carpenter, CEO 

Paul Babcock, President and COO


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