Engaging in Self-Care

It seems that everyday, we are inundated with tragic or disturbing news. The intensity continues to grow. We carry so much stress and anxiety from our own lived experiences it is important to build self-care into our daily habits. Here is a compiled list of resources collected by MacPhail’s Sr. Director of DEI using materials derived from fellow Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practitioners engaging in the self-care area.

Self-Care is…

Self-care should be an ongoing practice to be effective. It is important to acknowledge that self-care is closely tied to power and privilege. Historically marginalized people have different self-care needs than privileged people and go through life experiencing a much higher level of stress and anxiety than their white, hetero, cis, able-bodied counterparts.

So how can you practice self-care?

Be gracious with yourself; take breaks and seek support as you need.

For a self-care tool to use throughout your day, check out this post that includes MacPhail music therapist Mark Burnett’s compositions for relaxation.

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Published on Date: Mar 13, 2023
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