Madeline Island Chamber Music

American String Quartet

Date: Fri Jul 14 2023

Time: 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Room: Clubhouse on Madeline Island

Location: Madeline Island Chamber Music

Tickets: $35.00

The Clubhouse, Madeline Island


Known for their luxurious sound, the internationally acclaimed American String Quartet continue to champion the music world with their performances of both traditional and groundbreaking repertoire. Having performed in all fifty states and in the most important concert halls worldwide, we are elated to invite this fearless and adventurous quartet to Madeline Island Chamber Music. Since its inception more than 45 years ago, the quartet continues as the Resident Quartet of the Aspen Music Festival since 1974, and Manhattan School of Music since 1985, while premiering and performing new music around the world.

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