Marshall, Adam

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Adam Marshall grew up surrounded by the arts. His grandfather was a music teacher in New York City, mother was a violinist, and father was a painter. He studied theatre at Ithaca College and went on to act professionally in NYC as well as throughout the country. While the theatre is an important part of whom Adam is as a performer, music has always been at his artistic forefront. Adam has been a songwriter since age nine, when he and his brother formed their own band. Currently Adam has two successful bands; the Minneapolis pop band The Humbugs and children’s kindie rock band The Bazillions. The Bazillions have received international acclaim for both their fun loving life of a kid songs and their educational tunes and videos.

Adam has also worked as an educator with Minneapolis Public Schools specializing in Autism and vision impaired students, and uses all of these artistic sources to enrich his classes. His goal is always to nurture the creative tools that we all carry with us, learn how to express ourselves, and enjoy the ride with a lot of laughter thrown in along the way.