Claire Bias

Sing Play Learn with MacPhail®
Location: Minneapolis

Claire Bias (They/Them), joined the Sing Play Learn faculty at MacPhail in the spring of 2024. Claire firmly believes in music as deeply enriching to early childhood and they are eager to guide your young learner through musical activities! Before joining MacPhail, Claire taught music to children ages 1 to 5 at Woodpark Montessori in Burnsville. Claire applies the Montessori Method to music classes by providing ample hands-on music making opportunities, child-centered lessons, and freedom of exploration.

Claire holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Concordia College and graduated with a minor in Psychology and Magna Cum Laude honors. Currently, Claire is working towards their Master’s in Music Therapy at Augsburg University.

Favorite Non-Musical Hobby: Reading science fiction and fantasy, baking, and sewing projects.

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