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Isaac Rohr

EMRA Studio Coordinator, Electronic Music, Music Production, Recording Arts

Isaac Rohr (he/they) is an artist, beatmaker, and mixing and mastering engineer teaching in MacPhail’s EMRA program. Isaac has spent his life studying, performing and creating: electronic music, jazz, classical new music, ‘world’ music, audiovisual art, installations, 3D art, games and beats. Isaac takes a critical and dialectical approach to music making and performance emphasizing a unique, hyper-contemporary process with a focus on electronics, anti-racism, decolonization and auto-didactic practices. By studying and participating in as broad a variety of topics as possible, Isaac aims to provide students a learning environment and guidance with no limits.

As a teacher, Isaac places an emphasis on teaching using a discussion based approach in order to draw conclusions about the direction to take in lessons by the needs and pacing of the student; rather than treating the student as a project by providing a strict and dated plan.

As an artist, Isaac uses his fractured identity, neurodivergence, and ‘anti-post-de’-colonial theory to create hypnotic dissertations on the state of the human race and himself within it.

Isaac Rohr holds a Bachelor of Music – Music Composition from Brandon University as well as a Master of Fine Arts – Music Composition and Experimental Sound Practices from The California Institute of The Arts.

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